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Monika Becker

  17 styczeń 2017     3708850 wywołań od 04 grudzień 2011  
Gelding for Sale | 9 Yo. Carinjo / Calato

For jumping - beautiful, big horse - very calm and balanced

Healthy 100% (current TUV)

correct movement in all gaits - a very good gallop - dressage level class N with elements of C

shafts to high sports! - In professional jumping training

very nice and easy to ride

regularly vaccinated have any problem with transport, shaving etc.

also ideal for junior! I would recommend!

The horse is in the barn near Warsaw, Janki tel 600747544 Monika Becker monika.becker@vp.pl

As medium and large round of national and international!

Very experienced, healthy horse to fall in love, off and on winning show jumping!

Delicate, sensitive to aids, willing to cooperate. Very good origin.

Trained under the guidance of a professional trainer.

currently walking the amateur

He walked competitions 135cm / 145 cm.

He has the incredible power of the jump and very good technique

the advanced rider easily be able to win not one top competitions

not afraid of any obstacles (scarecrows, ditches, walls, foundations etc.)

tel: 0048 600747544
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